Garment Cleaning

Need to find a fast and convenient place to drop off your garments for cleaning?  why not do it when grabbing your morning coffee…..

The Bandit Coffee Group Inc. offers garment cleaning!
We have partnered with TSC wet cleaners to be able to provide this service to all our Bandidos and Bandidas.

“TSC we clean is the way fot he future in professional garment care.”

What is wet cleaning?

Professional wet cleaning is environmentally healthy because no hazardous chemicals are released into our air, our water or the clothing we wear.

How it works?

Bandit serves as a depot to be able to drop off and pick up your garments for cleaning. Come in and purchase a $20 membership in which you will receive:

  • a mobile laundry bag which also doubles as an environmentally friendly garment bag upon receipt of your cleaned garments (which will be laundered as well upon each service-no more plastic wrap on each garment!!!!).
  • $10 off coupon on your first cleaning

Then you are ready to go!  Drop off your dress shirts to your wedding dress and in a couple of days you will be notified via phone/email to come and pick up your garments.  Bandit has done it again!