Daily Brew

Lil Bro -A brew you can always count on. The standard recipe for Little Bro has always been a perfectly balanced mix of a washed Central American paired with a unique East African. Currently it is composed of a sweet and delicately fruity coffee from San Pedro La Laguna in Atitlan region in Guatemala, as well as a mix of creamy-bodied, citrusy Sidama with a balanced coffee from Burundi. This ever-evolving blend has it all: excellent aroma, silky body, chocolate and citrus sweetness with a satisfying finish. This blend is perfect for every day drinking, with milk or on its own.

Espresso on the bar

Big Bro -Our workhorse espresso blend. Nutty, spicy, complex as a straight shot; swiss chocolate sweetness in steamed milk. This blend changes seasonally, and is currently composed of a directly-sourced Guatemala El Milagro from Huehuetenango providing complex notes of spice and dark fruit; the second portion is from Finca Villa Donia in Boquete, Panama, bringing a full body with chocolate and caramel notes with a background of white grape acidity.

Beans for purchase

  • Lil bro-(see above for profile)
  • Big Bro-(see above for profile)


This seasonal blend is a chance for our roasters to highlight their craft, rather than the bean’s origin. In our opinion, a true dark roast should impart all of the positive characteristics of “roastiness” – intense chocolate and caramel notes, a smooth yet commanding mouthfeel, and a muted acidity with an undercurrent of pungency – with none of the negatives (smokiness, excessive bitterness, carbony notes). There is a very small window in which a roaster can put a stop to the roast before all is lost. We will strive to achieve that balance with each roast and we are proud to present this all new blend.


A decaf to write home about! A complex blend of beans from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Brazil and Guatemala. A chemical free Swiss Water Process leaches over 99% of caffeine from high-quality, specialty-grade beans, ensuring that optimal flavour remains after the process is complete. When brewed as espresso, expect a nutty, slightly fruity aroma paired with generous body and acidity. As drip coffee, this is a satisfyingly balanced cup that you won’t believe is decaffeinated.

** please note  The Bandit Coffee Group Inc. carries different blends depending on times of the year and availability.